Discrimination exists today and will continue to exist as long as people want it to.

On a Friday night, friends and I went to a Karaoke bar in Rigby, Idaho. We were excited for the night of karaoke singing. It was fun and exciting as we saw our friends get up and sing.  Two friends got up and sang the classic song, “The Macarena”… Thats when the atmosphere changed.


We saw people make disgusted faces, one old couple even got up and left. I felt sad and embarrassed to sing my favorite childhood song. The last straw was when a friend went up to sing “Mi Niña Bonita” by Chino and Nacho.

People were so upset that they went a grabbed the manager. We were then stopped and I.D. checked. Most of us were older than 21. While only two out of our twelve friends did not have I.Ds. After checking our I.Ds an older woman approached us and told us to leave. She proceeded to yell at us to get out of the parking lot and off the property.

Sadly, this is something that is far to common. I have been given looks many of times when I have been in a predominately Caucasian area but nothing like this.

After being walked out I felt horrible. I remember wanting to cry. As I sat in the car I thought of many things I could have said to them:

I am a Mexican. I am an immigrant. I am a drug lord. I am murderer. I am a gardener. I am a nanny. I am a maid. I am stupid. I only speak Spanish. I never graduated high school.

I am actually none of these things. I am a Peruvian college student who wished this didn’t happen and hopes it never happens again.

I am sorry for the Latin music. I am sorry for taking over your local Friday night spot. I am sorry for being a disturbance to your local place. More than anything I am sorry this happened. But don’t worry I am used to this.

I was actually born in Southern California. I come from Peruvian parents who traveled by plane and did not cross the border. I am studying communications with an emphasis in public relations. I will graduate in July 2018. I am more than my race and ethnicity.

Events like this make me sad and angry. But more than anything I have a desire to share truth with people. I want to educate people so that they are no longer ignorant. I don’t want my children to ever go through something like that.



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