Discrimination exists today and will continue to exist as long as people want it to. On a Friday night, friends and I went to a Karaoke bar in Rigby, Idaho. We were excited for the night as there is not many places to sing Karaoke. It was fun and exciting as we saw our friends…

Kyäni Prime FAQ Video

This is an animated infographic video I made for Kyäni to answer their frequently asked questions.

BYU-Idaho: Friends Poster

I work for BYU-Idaho in University Relations as a Marketing and Advertising consultant and was asked to create a simple poster. This is currently being used on the BYU-Idaho campus.

Girl Rising

I was inspired by a movie called Girl Rising and created these images for it. I got the photos and logo from their website.  

Buhi- Back to School Sale

Short Stop Motion Video created for the fictional bag company called Buhi Bags. You can watch my video on YouTube.

Buhi Bag Commercial

For a class we were assigned a fictional bag company. I made an optional video because why not? Watch my commercial on YouTube